I hear the voices”

Counselling, Research and Training

about the auditory hallucination phenomenon

A group of clinical researchers and experts of the Psychology and Psychotherapy Institute of Padua has developed an interventional model to manage and solve the “hearing voices” problem, not necessarily having a psychotic origin. For this problem, the Institute commits itself to Research, Counselling and Training targets. Thanks to these studies, the group has developed a counselling and multifocal intervention model, whilst considering the different configurations of the phenomenon in people. Among the different methods a psychotherapy treatment can be proposed, if necessary. The targets of counselling and treatment can be multiple: 1) to allow the listener not to feel disturbed by voices, learning to cohabit with them, accepting and controlling them, and removing fear and anxiety reactions; 2) to modify the individual psychological vulnerability in which the hallucination and the related processes that, in some cases, self-reinforce and maintain the phenomenon, are inserted. The group has started a fact-finding investigation on this phenomenon, on a national scale as well as in connection with other similar international groups, as it is perceived, described and considered by its protagonists: the voices listeners. Cristina Contini, Enrico Molinari, Maria Quarato, Alessandro Salvini